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About Pace for Parkinson's



Pace are a small association founded in February 2015. We currently offer a weekly group exercise and dance class specifically devised for people with Parkinson's. Private sessions are also available upon request.

We are a core group of up to 20 regular participants, one teacher, up to three assistants and volunteers. 

The creator and teacher of Pace classwork is Tory who as a former professional dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater and now a teacher of Contemporary Ballet at the highest level, brings to Pace a comprehensive physical and musical knowledge, a creative brain and 25 years of teaching experience. Tory has undertaken the training offered by Dance for PD who are world leaders in dance for Parkinson's, however developing a different approach along with Pace participants is ongoing.

Pace assistants Narin, Zofia and Alex also all have lifelong professional dancing and teaching experience.

Pace stands for Parkinson's and choreotherapy exercise. Choreotherapy more commonly known as dance or movement therapy, best describes the classwork which provides useful exercise that feels like choreography. 

Pace would like to acknowledge the advice and support of the following people;

Rob Gravenor for videos, Grant Irvine and Chris Windebank for website, Simone Sartirani and Eugen Krasiuk for choreotherapy, Ehsan Zayan and others for donations.

The Utley Foundation for support through a grant 2018/19.

Class Times

Each Wed 1:30-3:30pm

Class lasts 60+ minutes with appropriate resting points. It can be done seated or standing and makes logical progression from loosening and warming up through exercises of differing styles and tempos ending with plenty of walking practice and dancing.

The structured classwork is practiced repeatedly and built upon over time. The music used whether live or recorded is essential for choreotherapy and is both inspiration and motivation to move. Insistent beats help restore and vary tempo. Melody reinforces message and offers expressive potential. With this in mind a wide range of musical genres are explored and enjoyed. While the class offers physical challenge and improves mental focus it is also fun and rewarding. Please watch the videos above which show in a nutshell what we do.

The benefits of group exercise to music for Parkinson's are clear and include improvements in balance, breathing, coordination, strength, flexibility of body and brain, confidence and mood.

Participants pay £10.00 for class, Carers/partners are also welcome to do class for £10.00. Carers/partners who assist free of charge. After each class refreshments are provided and the venue offers a lovely space to sit and share.

Location Trinity Church Centre, 15 Nether Street, London, N12 7NN



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